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Blink of an Eye

by The Green Sisters

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Don’t spend today always complainin’ Be happy for tomorrow Everything’s different when you’re one hundred and four Time flies in the blink of an eye, Don’t you realize how you’ve grown now? Don’t forget that yesterday you were born Oh, pretend you’re cool, Stating plans that you borrowed Just forget the rules and fly like a swallow (oh yea) Today’s a taste of what’s comin’ tomorrow Why don’t you spread your wings and learn how to fly Look at the world, spinning, spinning, spinning Look at the world, spinning without ya Doing just fine on it’s own Well look at the universe, going on without ya Didn’t even notice you were born
There’s a dear over here out walkin’ Stepping so light and low When we cross the river, then he starts talkin’ Wanna hear him tell me some more First you catch a trout in the creekbed Gonna fry him nice and slow Then you catch my heart in a weekend Wanna hear him tell me some more Cuckoo by my window There’s a spruce branch on the floor And there ain’t no good reason For walkin’ out the door Rainy days are the ones I leave and Walk my own road to hoe But sunny skies, they make me believe him Wanna hear him tell me some more Stubbed my toe on a branch out dancing Looking for I don’t know Could it be I get another chance now Wanna hear him tell me some more
I was a young thing once in my life And I did a silly thing twice or three times But now instead of pavement there’s a rolling green hill And since I have met you, I’ll go where I will Well I coulda had one too many again Because I never know when And that much is true And I coulda gone on downtown in my dress Singing a song, oh what a mess Before I met you I found me a small path through the swamp in the woods I picked me a flower because its color was good I gave you the flower which seemed so forlorn And now that you have it, a new love is born
Monday morning, it’s 2AM I let him in, he’ll always win Why do I look at you, you look at me Why can’t I be free? Why don’t we go somewhere alone Down by the riverside Tuesday evening, he’s back again I let him in, he’ll always win Why do I look at you, you look away Well, you’ll be gone one day We went on a trip You fell, you took a slip Your falling, your calling Haunting, yet lovely Your falling, your calling And now I go there alone Down by the riverside
Waiting by the phone, waiting all alone When will you be home, won’t you call me? You know I want you near; you know I love you dear I just want to hear you say you love me Where do you run to? Should I be sitting, thinking of you When I just don’t think you’re mine? Shoulda listened to the way you told me you’d never stick around Coulda gone by now and found a new guy But the way you keep on rollin’ in made me change my mind again And I just can’t win until I say goodbye Fell out of the nest but I’m fine on my own And you won’t be the reason I haven’t grown I get to feeling numb, twiddling my thumbs Waiting for someone who’s always long gone And I start to feeling fine, done with tears and wine And with the sunshine, I’ve got a new song
Good mornin’ darlin’, how are you? I’ve been waiting with the sun To rise and shine and be yours true And set with you when the day is done Good mornin’ darlin’, how’ve you been? You’ve been in my dreams again If you hold me close I’ll let you in But I’m never lettin’ you go again Wading in the water, waiting for your kiss I can’t remember it being any better than this Wading in the water with you I understand your biggest fears Well don’t you worry now, I am here And if time should draw our paths apart You’ll always have my whole heart I know that you believe in me You wouldn’t say it if you didn’t see And you know that I believe in you I wouldn’t tell you if it wasn’t true Good mornin’ darlin’, so who are you? I love everything you do Where have you been for all these years?
Through the window I can hear the world arising Is it for or from the day that we all run? Have you left your mind elsewhere and wandered aimlessly Searching for the source of the sun? Isn’t it true there’s more beauty in the light? Isn’t it true there’s more blues in the night? I don’t want to see the sadness, So take my hand and run Be the source of the sun Before you were born there was a darkness A safe place, but you were alone Now we run about with hearts full of life and love Searching for the source of the sun Isn’t it true there’s more beauty in the light? Isn’t it true there’s more blues in the night? I don’t want to see the sadness, So take my hand and run Be the source of the sun Nah I don’t want to see the sadness, So take my hand and run Be the source of the sun I said now you should be the source of the sun (One more time, boy) be the source of the sun
Eagle 04:31
High above the land Eagle on a branch Asking me to dance And in my heart, I know I should fly Fly to the land that I love The fire and the flood The leaves, the trees, all love And all that’s there is all I find
If you wanna see my recipe Good in the kitchen, and get ready to eat Well I been workin’ all day, slavin’ away Trying to get that salsa the most natural way South Louisiana, North Carolina I’ll bring the biscuits, you make jambalaya Well I been workin’ all day, slavin’ away Trying to get that gravy the most natural way
Heading north in a rolling boat Or is it all a joke? Oh honey, I don’t know I’ve been given one life but I want more ‘Cause one life to live is way too short I gotta make it overflow Honey I could see taking you with me But either way, I gotta go ‘Cause one life to live is way too short Just when I think it’s the end of the road, It’s just a bend in the road I can’t help but wonder what I’m missing When all I see is so many people flying While I just stand there wishing Too many nights that I’ve been safe in my bed When I want to sleep on the road instead Darlin’ I’ve been wasting time telling lies to myself Because I can’t decide which way to go But I guess sometimes you just gotta do something Even if it’s wrong
Won’t you go and tell your mother, dear That I am taking you away from here Won’t you go and tell your father too That I am going with you The days grow short now, and never long enough with you But the sun will come around again, I know it’s true So ask your mother to buy you a new pair of shoes And I will walk a long, long while right next to you Won’t you go and tell your sister, who Will build a boat that will sail straight and true And won’t you go and tell your brother now For he will carve the bough
Shady Grove 03:08
Peaches in the summertime Apples in the fall If I can’t have the man I love I won’t have none at all Shady grove, my true love Shady grove, I know Shady grove, my true love Bound for the shady grove Every time I walk that road It’s always dark and cloudy Every time I see that boy He always tells me howdy When I was in Shady Grove Heard them pretty birds sing Next time I go to Shady Grove I’ll take along a diamond ring Fly around, my pretty little miss Fly around, my daisy Fly around, my pretty little miss Going back to Harlan
Honeybabe 03:56
Walk this way, sit by the Mountain stream, honeybabe Hold my hand, understand These changing leaves and this frozen stream Life can be lonely Time is not free Love can be scary But not for my honeybabe and me Back again, standing in This whipping rain, oh my honeybabe Close your eyes, hear the sighs Of my frozen heart as it breaks apart We’re free like the New Moon in the morning We’re free like the willow in the gloaming For together, no matter where we’re roaming It is we, my honeybabe and me But not for my honeybabe and me


Hallo, folks!

This group of songs are a bunch we’re real proud of, and we thank you for taking a listen! We have so many awesome people to thank in the making of this album; it’s never easy to wrangle four women with varied interests and schedules into the studio. So for his neverending creative juices, patience and hours and hours of putting up with us, we value Tom Mahnken so very greatly. It’s been a joy to work with him for all of these years. Second, to our precious parents, Rick & Joyce Green; ever supportive and sometimes with the necessary kick-in-the-butt pestering. We love our Pa & Ma (“personality!”) both so, and to our Pa -- special thanks for the gift of the 1967 Hummingbird guitar which was used on this record, and for tearing yourself away from the farm to join us at gigs and in the studio. Thirdly, to J.J. O’Connell for his time, creativity, and steadfast beats which fill out all of our songs in ways we didn’t imagine (but now can’t imagine without!). Thank you also to Steve Mitus, Scott Heron, Andy Kuchta and Eric Buzzell for the moral support and partnership. And we wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for all of you lovely people out there who come to our shows and (for some reason) want to bring a little piece of us home with them! We love you!


released November 25, 2020

Tom Mahnken - guitar, keyboards
J.J. O’Connell - drums & percussion

Recorded 2019-2020 at Ruckus Studios in Ashfield, MA
Engineered & Mastered by Tom Mahnken
Produced by Tom Mahnken with invaluable assistance from J.J. O'Connell
Photography by Shayna Stevens (The Family Farmer Creative)


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The Green Sisters Hubbardston, Massachusetts

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